Wayne Hubbard, Barry Roberts, Dean Carroll

It is no secret that the Midwest has some of the best places for deer hunting in the country. There is plenty of futile undeveloped land and a large trophy deer population.  Two Music executives from New York who are part of our Pro Staff came in to do a special urban deer hunt. Barry Roberts and Dean Carroll came to do their thing. Barry has been hunting for years in upper State New York and Dean is a scuba diver and skier and this was his first time doing a hunt. Wayne took them to one of his favorite spots on opening day in Missouri and the heat was on.

These guys were excited to be here in Kansas City. They came in on Friday and as soon as they got to the hotel to drop off their luggage they were ready to go scout the location and site in their firearms. Barry has been in the music industry for over thirty years and has worked with artist such as Madonna, Anita Baker, Mariah Carey; Mick Jagger He is currently marketing Director of a major distribution.

Dean Carroll works for Muzak and has been featured on the scuba diving shows of Palau and Truk Lagoon. You may have seen Barry cooking up his delicious soulful wild recipes.  This is Deans first experience hunting and Barry first experience in the Midwest.

Opening morning we all got situated and set up in their stands and it wasn’t ten minutes later Barry got his first of two Midwest Whitetail. Barry was totally amazed at the size and quality of the deer on this side of the world. Since this Deans first time deer hunting I took him with me and set him up. He got to experience the wild on land. He already knows that there is a respect level that must be maintained out in nature just like when he is in the deep waters diving and comes across shark.

While we were sitting I was aware that we had company. There came sneaking up on was a coyote, which I had already spotted prior. The coyote soon appeared for Dean to see and he was in awed that I was aware of the coyote was near way before he appeared. About fifteen minutes later, we had our first deer down. We had a very successful morning and decided to head in and clean up to show the guys Kansas City

They knew a lot about KC and had much respect for its early black history. We headed out had a good soulful dinner at the Peachtree and returned home to chill for the next day. The next morning we went out and Barry performed flawlessly and got another deer and I got a nice 8 point buck. The nice thing about this is the game that we harvest we donated in time for families to enjoy for the Holidays and Barry was able to take some back home to New York. All of his friends and other Music Exec came to sample Barry’s wonderful Midwest venison which has a totally different flavor than his New York venison. They loved it and are putting in their bids for next year to come hunting with Urban American Outdoors..


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