Wayne Hubbard turkey hunt

The upcoming 2005 Spring Turkey hunting season is right around the corner and Missouri has one of the largest turkey populations in the country. In Missouri April 9-10 is Youth Season and April 18 thru May 8 is regular season. Those who live in Kansas City midtown can get there permits in the convenient location of the Discovery Center Urban Conservation Campus, 4750 Troost Kansas City , Missouri 64110.

In Kansas, the season starts for the youth and disabled, April 8-10 and regular April 13 thru May 31, 2005. As I get my self prepared for this new season, I start to reminisce about one of my favorite past spring turkey hunts which took place a couple of years ago. My crew and I were invited to a private hunting ranch located near by and I was given the opportunity to come and harvest the turkey of my choice.

I sat and talked to the owner and he explained to me that he had a nice variety of turkeys on his ranch known as Eastern and a couple of Rios. These birds have a very distinct appearance. We first picked out our spot were he had sighted a couple of hens. This is the place where we decided to set out a few turkey decoys. I next started calling with my turkey call, which has the sound of a turkey in heat to draw out the males. The morning was a little slow but we continued to sit and hear a few gobbled back we even saw a couple of deer frolicking around.

It wasn’t long before we noticed a group of hens, so we started calling to them and they were responded back. Nearby there was a tom strutting around the field chasing the hens, but the hens played the young jake off. He was just a young bird feeling his oats, but it wasn’t long before the big toms came strutting in. It stared out being only a couple of hens and now there were about 9 turkeys in front of us feeding. These birds were still 65 yards away, but we were very excited to see that many. Soon we saw a particular hen coming our way and following her was this huge Tom with a unique golden sheen. That woman was about to get him in big trouble because this was the Tom I wanted to harvest. As they came in closer towards us I got myself prepared and that was all she wrote. When I brought him back in, I could see he was a cross between an Eastern and a Rio, a hybrid bird of some sort. We got back and the rancher was very proud and so was I. This tom was all golden and weight almost 25 lbs a trophy in anyone’s books that’s the way we do it, Urban American Style!

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