Candice Price, Urban American Outdoors November 12, 2012

Candice Price CEO & Executive Producer of Urban American Outdoors

Please tell us where you’re from and what got you on your path to working in

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black history month March 5, 2009

Black History Month’s celebration 2009

Urban American Outdoors was invited to the Black History Month celebration honoring

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Canon pix 11 21 09 317  remix November 3, 2008

Urban American Outdoors Outstanding 2007 & 2008 Year

Urban America Outdoors (UAO) has had outstanding years but the 2007-2008 prove to be

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best black tv show September 22, 2007

UAO Named Best Black TV Show of the Year

Kansas City (Sept. 18, 2007) Urban American Outdoors was honored by the Black

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Wayne Hubbard and Candice Price at the EMMY Awards. September 20, 2007


Kansas City — Urban American Outdoors garnered an EMMY nomination from The

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Wayne Hubbard Kansas City Star June 14, 2007

Wayne Hubbard: A New Sportsman’s Friend

“With me you’re going to see some jazz. You’re going to see some hip-hop.

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2005 Highlights at UAO December 27, 2005

2005 Highlights at Urban American Outdoors

This year was a very good one. We had some exciting hunts, met some really nice

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community outreach March 10, 2005

Urban American Outdoors Community Outreach Program

At Urban American Outdoors (UAO), one of our primary goals is to give back via

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