• Summer Safety and West Nile Virus


    June 7, 2005 Comments (0) Blog

    In the late spring and summer, when we go out and do some of our favorite outdoor activities, safety is always a key factor. The safety factor we are referring to today is on taking precaution against the West Nile Virus. The West Nile Virus was officially identified in 1937 in a woman in Uganda. …

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  • Spring Turkey Hunting Season

    Wayne Hubbard turkey hunt

    March 29, 2005 Comments (0) Hunting

    The upcoming 2005 Spring Turkey hunting season is right around the corner and Missouri has one of the largest turkey populations in the country. In Missouri April 9-10 is Youth Season and April 18 thru May 8 is regular season. Those who live in Kansas City midtown can get there permits in the convenient location of

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  • Urban American Outdoors Community Outreach Program

    community outreach

    March 10, 2005 Comments (0) Hunting, News

    At Urban American Outdoors (UAO), one of our primary goals is to give back via community outreach programs. UAO is an award winning, and locally owned and produced outdoors reality sports adventure show that airs on Time Warner Cables’ “Metro Sports” channel in Kansas City, and nationally on various

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  • Late Season Bar B Q Pheasant

    IMG_6709 remix

    February 22, 2005 Comments (0) Urban Soul Wild

    We recently finished an incredible hunt on the Nebraska Kansas border. It was a beautiful morning and our dogs were working hard. We had jumped several hen pheasants which is always a good sign because our goal was to get a couple of those elusive big ring neck rooster pheasants. In nature we know that …

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  • Black History, The Original Black Outdoorsmen & Woman

    Deadwood Dick

    February 7, 2005 Comments (0) Blog

    February is Black History month and with that in mind, there is very little that is said about the contributions of African Americans in the outdoors or the black experiences of settling the west. People of color have always been a part of the building of this great country. We had many frontiersmen and women,

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  • Fishing for Fresh Water Sharks, Winter Catfishing

    Wayne Hubbard winter catfishing

    December 20, 2004 Comments (0) Fishing

    Boy there’s a lot of action tonight! That’s the way we like it Urban American Style. I just got through landing a 21lb catfish and Candy’s rod is bending down hard; we know it’s a big fish because it’s pulling drag. The guide hands her the rod and the fight is on. Work it girl …

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  • Black Outdoorsmen: Dispelling The Myths

    black outdoorsmen

    November 24, 2004 Comments (0) Blog

    There are a lot of myths about black outdoorsmen. On Wednesday November 17, 2004 the article “More African Americans are starting to feel the thrill of the hunt” was published in the Kansas City Star, written by Brent Frazee. It was an article that when read by many African Americans created a lot of confusion.

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  • Safety in the Outdoors – Chronic Wasting Disease

    Doe WH

    November 10, 2004 Comments (0) Blog

    This past weekend we went to a ranch in Northern Illinois to do some deer hunting. My friend and hunting companion Mike told us about a big buck he had recently harvest, it had Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Chronic Wasting Disease is the degeneration of the brain in deer and elk and an issue that …

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  • Bow Hunting Whitetail Brothers in the Woods

    Wayne Hubbard how hunting

    October 26, 2004 Comments (0) Blog, Hunting

    Many times on our show “Urban American Outdoors” I express the importance of how outdoors can be enjoyed by the family. There is nothing more important than family, and as we grow older we really come to understand and appreciated this. Life takes us all in different directions and sometimes you have to sit back

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  • Wild Black Russian Boar Hunt

    Wayne Hubbard with Black Russian Boar

    September 24, 2004 Comments (0) Hunting

    It’s about 5:30 in the evening and we’ve just finished eating our dinner. It’s now time for us – the camera guy, guide and I – to roll out. All morning we had been hunting on this private hunting preserve for this Black Russian Boar with no luck at all. I knew if we didn’t …

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