elk season

It’s September again! This is my favorite time of the year because, it is the beginning of hunting season. Elk bow season in particular, starts in the latter part of September. With this in mind, I remember from a past Elk season what all happened.

Elks are called bulls for the male and cows for the female. This is the pre-mating time for these Elk. The call of nature is in effect and the most dominate male is fighting his way to be the big dog in other words he gets a herd of cows all to himself. That’s right, one bull to mate with several cows. They are very greedy but every now and then another bull will slip in there and may take a few of his herd.

So, with this in mind I decided to head toward the staging area or the place where the Elk routinely is hanging out. I set up from a distance watching a few meadows when I spotted a herd of cow with a very large bull elk with them about 200 yards away. So I decided it was time to use my cow call to call that bull in. He was about a 6×6 bull which would be in anybodies book a trophy.

As I called, he was looking over his shoulder so I had to try and sneak in closer with my bow. I would try to get a shot off. So as I was sneaking using the cover of the fields and streams I heard another bull. So I just stopped and made another call and I noticed a very huge bull coming thru the timber. Where I stood he was going to pass by me at about 35 yards away. From this distance I feel very comfortable taking at taking that shoot. I knew he was definitely heading for the herd. At this point I drew back my bow and let the arrow fly. I felt very confident about this shot so I just stood there and waited for a while till I went looking for the big bull. I tracked him for about 100 yards and then I found him. He was a lot bigger than what I thought. He was a big 7×7 points bull. He looked to be about 900 plus pounds. As the day ended up I had a beautiful bull on the ground and meat in the freezer.

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