Urban American Outdoors has an Urban Community Outreach Initiative whose mission is to present outdoors activities with urban core communities while providing our children with an opportunity to experience and enjoy the pleasures of outdoor sporting. Our Initiative which we call “Time Out” has a series of outdoor activities created to promote, mentor and encourage youth and adults to share in the excitement, education and the fun of the Outdoor sports. Being outdoors and engaged is good for mind, body and soul.

As part of our Community Outreach Initiative every year we have kids fishing clinics and fishing derby’s, archery classes, clay and target shooting, youth hunts, hiking, camping and photo safaris and a list of other fun things too do. Growing up as children we were always playing outside running, jumping and screaming, just having a good time, but our communities changed and we had to bring our children indoors. Today many of our kids suffer from health issues and some mental issues from not being able to move their bodies. We were made to move and a lot of us are too sedentary.

A few weeks ago we had a hunt with our Youth Coordinator for “Time Out”, Chanelle Brown. Chanelle Brown is a junior in High School with an A average who loves to do art, read good books in a day or so, play video games and works hard to excel in whatever she wraps her mind around. She has won several awards and is preparing to go to college in the near future. She is currently the Youth Coordinator of Time Out and participates and helps with the administration in all of our activities. She took some time out of her busy schedule over a weekend to go out on her first deer hunt with Urban American Outdoors. She was selected for a special hunt in Cawker city which is part of the Glen Elder Conservation area. Mike Nyhoff for a youth hunt and she was accompanied with Wayne Hubbard.

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