Do Black People Hunt?

Urban American Outdoors has been on air for more than three years now. We took several years prior to develop our concept and direction of our show, so that when it aired it would be a top quality professional production that we could be proud of and our audience would enjoy. We have thus far won over sixteen broadcast industry awards and believe us this is definitely not the norm, especially for an outdoors program. We like to contribute this to our growing up in our communities where it was always stressed at that time to strive for your best. “Be the best at whatever you do, whatever your profession, just be the best,” was the everyday call or mantra. This can be hard and trying at times, but we incorporate this belief to put forth a good program, based on the outdoors genre were there are well over 500 plus outdoors show on TV today.

The one burning question that was put to us quite frequently while we were marketing our show was “Do Black people hunt?” This question was asked sometimes with sincerity, sometimes with disbelief and sometimes with laughter. This is no laughing matter though, because these are the preconceived misconceptions that still exist in 2006 that shouldn’t exist. These questions get asked because people watch, live and grow up with images on TV and believe that it represents the world. If they see negative images of black people on TV that must be how all black people are. They are only skilled in a few things you know, like dancing, rapping and balling, and let’s not talk about what goes on the news. These are the thoughts that permeate. This is why Urban American Outdoors is important because we represent an invisible segment of African Americans who enjoy the outdoors who have been looked over.

We all know of someone out there who hunts or fishes and believe me the government knows because they have the statistics that show and the dollars we spend on this billion dollar industry. These moneys go back to a lot of conservation efforts, which makes us conservationist. Most of the game we as hunters or fishermen harvest we eat and feed our families and others. Do black people hunt? My answer is yes we hunt. We also scuba dive, we climb mountains, we walk through valleys, we are brain surgeons, we are astronauts, we sing, we rap and yes we dance. We cry. We go to the front line, we are patriots; we are vets, teachers and preachers, mothers and fathers, lawyers, doctors. We are head of major corporations and heads of state. We are activist, builders, oilmen, farmers. You name it, we do it and we do it well.

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