This past year has been filled with a lot of excitement and adventure for Urban American Outdoors and our country. As we watched our new President take his place in history and a transitional shift move throughout the world we could feel the change happen in all areas of life including in the Outdoors Industry. Outdoors is Green and many aspects that we cover is green related, such as when our beautiful first lady Michelle Obama planted her garden on the White House grounds that falls under green.

African Americans have been doing green in this country for a long time. We plant gardens, we shut off lights, we don’t use excessive amounts of water for watering lawns, and some of us even recycle. Our Black Farmers who still have their land have been doing organic forever. We have been conserving for various reasons for a long time but we are often not thought of as stewards of the land. People don’t equate black people with the environment but that is far from the truth.

Ancestrally we are very much connected to the land and not just because of slavery, but because it is natural for us. Nature and we are one and it is a good time to get reconnected and become reeducated to her nuances. The earth is in need of some healing and so are we and getting started is as simple as planting seeds for the future both physical planting and psychologically.

The children are our future so new lesson of old could be a beginning. Outdoor games and activities are good for our children this spring. Fishing, running, bicycling, walking in the parks is a good start. Planting that garden that mother dear or Aunt Beulah had is a good thing to get into. Prices, quality and accessibility to fresh vegetables in the city are not very good so fresh vegetables that are grown by our own hands are healthier and less expensive. Just as we hunt and share our harvest of lean wild game with families, this is a good way to fill a freezer full of gourmet meat for the winter months. A Christmas goose bought in the store is running about fifty dollars, bison and elk can run about 9 dollars on up a pound so hunting is a very sustainable inexpensive effort.

There are plenty of hunters around who are usually happy to share some of their harvest, sometimes all you need to do is ask. If you are interested in learning this skill yourself there are Hunting Education classes given to get you licensed and experienced hunters are usually available to get you started.


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