This past weekend Urban American Outdoors went to Las Vegas, Nevada to scout out for areas to be shot for an upcoming show featuring the outdoors lifestyle. They have a large portion of their population who hunt, fish, hike, and bike and do white water rafting. There are also several large annual conventions tailored for outdoors men and women that take place there. This is a place where you can really have a great time after you take care of your business. This is definitely a 24 hour city of fun, adventure and excitement.

In the state of Nevada, for those who love to hunt, there are a wide variety of wild game to choose from, such as elk, mule deer, antelope, and desert bighorn sheep. For those who love to fish there are salmon, bass, crappies, catfish and various other species. You will find lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and over 600 streams. Nevada also has much to offer for people who love to hike, bike, raft, and sightsee. There is nothing like seeing the Grand Canyon or fishing at Lake Mead. Wayne and the crew caught the helicopter tour to the western rim of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River to get some ideas for a future show.

They also scouted in the mountain area for those big sheep, for in about a month they will return to go hunting. There is so much to do on the outdoors side, but if you want to partake of the other vibe of Las Vegas after the hunting or fishing or whatever, you just need to head to the city and let the fun begin. Las Vegas is great for adult entertainment and fun. While in Vegas, we stayed at the MGM Grand Hotel on the strip. One of our very dear friends happened to be there doing a private show at one of the other casinos. Since we were there we got invited to attend. The friend and performer was Stevie Wonder. It was so wonderful to see a true icon in effect doing what he does so effortlessly.

Recently in the Music Industry we have had many great losses, so for us to see this Legend was indeed an honor. His performance was flawless and his skills unmatched. From the very first note to the end of the performance people were given a taste of what a great show is all about, with catchy melodies and memorable lyrics and top musicianship. What more can you ask for in a show like this today. This of course topped off our trip to Vegas, a little bit of the great outdoors, and a little bit of true entertainment, is what we call doing it Urban American Outdoors Style!

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