Wayne Hubbard, Chayanne Hubbard, Chanelle Brown, and Barry Roberts

One question that we have received frequently is, “Why do television anglers catch and release?” Most of our viewers don’t understand the concept of catch and release and believe that a perfectly good catch is going to waste. Many inner-city residents view the that catch as an opportunity to feed their family or neighbors.

To answer the question of the catch and release, many anglers will reach their limit of catch for the day and don’t want to go over the legal limit. Oftentimes, these anglers will not show their catches during the show but they prefer to use their television time to educate the public of the importance of conservation.

According to the Department of Conservation, “practicing catch-and-release, by releasing the fish “immediately” after they are caught, is a conservation measure that contributes to fish populations, rather than decreases them.” In other words, by releasing those extra fish, you help maintain a fishery for future generations.

Other anglers like to enjoy the relaxation of angling and have no intention of keeping the fish for food.

You will even see, Wayne Hubbard, catch his prize fish, and later on in one of his cooking segments on Urban American Outdoors, prepare a delicious meal from his hard work of fishing off that boat all day. That’s what we call, “Catch and Eat”, and it is so good and satisfying.

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