Wayne Hubbard, Co-Founder of Urban American Productions, LLC

Wayne Hubbard

Wayne Hubbard, is the Host and Producer of the award winning program Urban American Outdoors, which is the first multicultural outdoors TV show in the country, which has been on air weekly since 2003. Wayne is a successful businessman, avid outdoorsman and conservationist from Kansas City who came up with this special concept in 1999.

Growing up in a family of active outdoorsmen; Wayne quickly came to appreciate wildlife and outdoor adventures. Over half of the outdoor shows he watched on TV took him on adventures he could only be a part of from his television chair. The lavish excursions and extravagant safaris depicted by most shows, would be a once in a life time adventure for him and the average viewer. Wayne found it hard to identify with the 500 plus outdoor sporting shows now airing nationally. Hubbard believed the average urban sportsman should have a show he could relate to; one that depicted urban sportsmen experiencing the excitement of affordable outdoors recreation from a different perspective. With his program he could help connect others like him back to nature with images that had never been seen in broadcast or print. He believes being in nature heals mind, body & soul.

Urban American Outdoors (UAO) was created to embody the full Urban Outdoor Lifestyle. Wayne’s weekly audiences include a diverse demographic as well as the traditional outdoor enthusiasts, women and children. Along with the fishing, hunting, hiking, camping or motorsports adventures, Wayne emphasizes outdoor safety tips, conservation, cultural and historical locations and even shows his audience how to prepare delicious wild game and fish dishes. Over the last decade Wayne and his crew have been able to achieve so much in the Outdoor Industry by creating an award winning and Emmy nominated TV program that has made an impact on the Outdoor TV world and has made the majority of traditional shows step up their game. UAO has won over 50 Broadcast Industry awards as well as Congressional Recognitions, State and Local Proclamations, and Resolutions.

Wayne also created the Urban Outdoor Experience for the youth in the city and The Urban Sportsman Feeding the Hungry Program to help feed the people. He also has created spinoff show, Urban Soul Wild and Urban Outdoors Adventures. Hubbard enjoys living the Outdoors Lifestyle and will continue keeping it Green and helping people who have had no voice to speak freely about their love of the Great Outdoors because he full heartedly believes that outdoors is for everyone.

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