We have had an extremely busy year, but we are never too busy to take time out to share with our community. We knew that there were heavy food insecurities that have been taken place. We felt this situation of going hungry would get worst before it would get better during these difficult times. This is one of the reasons why we hunt every season to help feed families and encourage other sportsmen who wish to do the same. We love sharing our harvest with family, friends and neighbors and have for a long time advocated this community service. When we go out on our excursions, there is more to hunting than some fun and or a trophy mount for the wall, it has always been and will always be an alternative food source for us.

Knowing how to hunt and fish is not just a recreational pastime, it is survival for a lot of people. Plenty of our ancestors made it through a long winter having these skills and today with the economy broken this extra food comes in handy. President – Elect Obama let’s us know it is our time to make things happen. He encourages us to do what ever we can do to make things better for our own communities. He can’t do it all by himself, so we take his words and deeds to heart and happily follow his lead to do more. Everybody has a special gift and we love donating bison, venison, and pheasant to various food pantries, shelters, churches and families this winter. This gourmet meat is good and wholesome and makes excellent meals to feed families as we embark upon this cold winter.

About 38 million sportsmen and women go hunting every year during that small special season. Believe me there are some very good reasons for going out, but for one, they are stocking up meat lockers for the winter. We often get asked what meals can be made out of deer or buffalo and the answer is that you can make chilies and stews, meatballs, baked roasts, tacos, juicy burgers and grilled steaks. There is even delicious summer sausage and jerky to snack on. The ideas are endless and good. Many of your wild game is healthier, low fat, high protein and leaner than turkey and some fish.

To make a venison or bison roast in a crock pot is very simple and nutritious. To start you would season your meat down with your favorite seasonings and sear it in a big skillet with a little olive oil, crushed garlic and onions. After it has brown on both sides place meat into your crock pot and add about 3 cups of water or more. Next just add all the vegetables that you want, like celery, onions, carrots, green beans, corn and potatoes. You can even add a can or two of tomato sauce and some blended herbs and let it cook all day till its fork tender. There are a lot of stores today that carry buffalo meat but it cost a little more but it is well worth it. We have gladly shared our many dishes with family and friends and they always come back for more.

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