our most valuable resource

America is truly a beautiful and blessed land. It is rich beyond monetary values with all its wonderful natural resources. At Urban American Outdoors, we spend a lot of time discussing conservation and preservation of endangered animals, the issues with our waterways, and the erosion of our public lands. We also believe that God gave man the honor and duty to be great stewards over the Earth and all of its creatures. Among our most important duties is to love and care for ourselves and our most valuable resource — the children.

Urban American Outdoors Youth program will soon be ready to step forward to do our part to help work with Urban Youth by teaching them skills to use in their everyday lives. We want to pass on what we know and what we are learning everyday. There must be a transition from the old to the young in order to survive. We have been working on perfecting this program since we first started the show. We have taken many children out helping them catch their first fish or harvest their first deer.

There is an old proverb that states “If I give you a fish, you can eat for one day, but if I teach you to fish you can eat a lifetime. We hope to be able to instill in our youth the love of the outdoors, because even if they don’t want to fish or hunt, kids still like to run and play. Fresh air and exercise is healthy and just having some additional knowledge of their world opens their minds to strive for other things, besides what they see living in the city. The kids will learn outdoor safety, fun and have great memories they can pull from in their future.

We have been blessed to travel the countryside and overseas and would like to share our harvest with our youth to let them know they can do anything they put there minds to. If they work hard, success is theirs, and we want to see them make it. Our membership for our new youth program will be free, but they will be required to take an Outdoor Safety class at no cost that we will set up for them. We will soon be taking registration for this and announcing one of our first activities for the kids this spring and summer.

If anyone has questions are just wants to get in touch, feel free to email us at uaotv@yahoo.com , because the children are our most valuable resource.

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