2005 Highlights at UAO

This year was a very good one. We had some exciting hunts, met some really nice people, and picked up some wonderful awards. Here we’d like to do a recap of some of our 2005 highlights at Urban American Outdoors.

One of our top favorite trips this year was going to Las Vegas to hunt for Dessert Sheep and catching up with good friend, Stevie Wonder, and seeing his show. It had been years since we saw Steveland perform and he has to be one of the best, still to this day. He had been out of the public eye for quite some times because as he put it, he was enjoying his family.

Another good trip was when one of our Pro Staffers went to China. We have some great footage from Beijing, the Great Wall, Shanghai, and just hanging with the people. We hunt and fish all over the country but some of our most memorable times for UAO are always with the kids. This year coming up, we hope to do more with our children in the city, showing them the fun and the importance of the outdoors.

The horrific event of the Katrina Disaster showed us that we must become more self sufficient. We must learn how to continue to survive just like our ancestors did. There is no one to help us but ourselves and we must begin with the children, for they truly are our future. UAO is available to do workshops specifically tailored to the kids. Another favorite thing of UAO is the cooking aspect of the natural meats. Many of the natural meats go to waste because people do not know how to prepare them properly.

On our show and in our members’ newsletter we will explain to you how to prepare a delicious home cooked meal. These meals are inexpensive, nutritious and soulfully good, from frying rabbit to baking Alaskan Salmon, plus all the sides. With this in mind, for our New Years Dinner we are going to cook some Bison Prime Rib for our main course. Bison Prime Rib, commonly called buffalo, is a very lean, low fat, and nutritious meat. It has the similar good taste of beef but you just have to remember that it is leaner and it needs to be cooked differently. As we are keepers of tradition we will also have our Black Eyed Peas, Ham Hocks, Cabbage, Sweet Potatoes, Corn Bread and Peach Cobbler for dessert.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and we would also like to thank our supporters and the Kansas City Call and remember if you are in the Outdoors, do it Urban American Style!

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