UAOTV’s Urban Kids Fish Founders on CBS46 Atlanta PluggedIn

April 7, 2017 Comments (0) News

UAOTV’s Founders, Candice Price and Wayne Hubbard, was interviewed by Julie Smith the host of CBS46 Atlanta PluggedIn on Friday, April 7. They talked about the 2nd Annual Urban Kids Fishing Derby Atlanta. Watch the interview below. CBS46 News

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Urban Kids Fishing Derby Founders, Wayne Hubbard and Candice Price, with Kansas City Live host Michelle Davidson. June 27, 2016

Candice Price & Wayne Hubbard on KSHB’s Kansas City Live

UAOTV’s Founders, Candice Price and Wayne Hubbard, was interview by Michelle

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The Gracies Awards June 22, 2016

Urban American Outdoors TV wins a 2016 Gracie Award

Urban American Productions Candice Price Wins 3rd Gracie Award New York June 22,

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Wayne Hubbard, Chayanne Hubbard, Chanelle Brown, and Barry Roberts

Catch And Release vs. Catch and Eat

August 12, 2015 Comments (0) Fishing

One question that we have received frequently is, “Why do television anglers catch and release?” Most of our viewers don’t understand the concept of catch and release and believe that a perfectly good catch is going to waste. Many inner-city residents view

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speedway pix 004remix March 12, 2015

Summertime Striper Fishing

While visiting a couple of friends recently in Texahoma, we all decided it would be

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speedway pix 098 March 29, 2006

Pre-Spring Crappie Fishing

I’m out here with a good friend Qaiyim Raheem and we were doing our pre-spring

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Urban Soul Wild

Grilled fish is great, but a fresh garden fish salad puts it over the top.

Summertime Fresh Garden Fish Salad

July 27, 2005 Comments (0) Urban Soul Wild

In the summertime cooking a quick light delicious meal is what a lot of folks desire. Short preparation, good flavor, and something different are key ingredients for warm weather dining. Usually over the course of the year, I will bake or fry my fish, but after having caught plenty over

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IMG_6709 remix February 22, 2005

Late Season Bar B Q Pheasant

We recently finished an incredible hunt on the Nebraska Kansas border. It was a

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Urban American Outdoors Sharing the Harvest

January 21, 2009 Comments (0) Hunting

We have had an extremely busy year, but we are never too busy to take time out to share with our community. We knew that there were heavy food insecurities that have been taken place. We felt this situation of going hungry would get worst before it would get better during these difficult

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Chanelle Brown, 2008 Youth Deer Hunt December 27, 2008

Urban Community Outreach Initiative Youth hunts for success

Urban American Outdoors has an Urban Community Outreach Initiative whose mission is

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elk season September 2, 2007

‎Hunting September Elk Season

It’s September again! This is my favorite time of the year because, it is the

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